Three series from Netflix that everyone should see

Три серіали від Netflix, які має побачити кожен

Still from the TV series Drug
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Netflix is always high quality and top-end content, so we have prepared for you the three best series of this company. It will be interesting and get settled.

House of cards

The main character of the series – one very important person from Congress. He has a sharp mind, he’s resourceful, and has significant ambitions. To become Secretary of state, it helps the Walker to become President. But after the inauguration, our hero receives a denial of his office. This betrayal brings him to fury and he starts to work on a plan of revenge.

Forgotten God

Evil thug Griffin and his gang is very harmful to the entire Wild West. Like a plague, he mows people in the cities, and no one can handle. The day came and his adopted son defeated conscience, he decided to engage in such activities, stealing all the money of the gang. All his forces began to search. Such searches led them to a strange city, live in it all women.


This dramatic series based on real events about the life of Pablo Escobar. He was afraid of the cops and the government, and the people always spoke of him with pride. He managed to build a drugs syndicate, which regularly fall to the States. The story is told directly from the DEA.

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