Three secrets of New Year's makeup

Three secrets of New Year's makeup

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On the eve of the upcoming New Year, there is so much to do. Decide what to serve for hot, buy gifts, pick up an outfit and accessories … And, of course, think about what your festive make-up will be!

How to make a long-lasting make-up to have fun all night and remain the same charming? Who but a professional make-up artist can answer this question.

So, here are the three main secrets of spectacular and lasting holiday makeup from Yulia Yampolski, makeup artist and teacher at IL Makiage.

1. Use a primer

Primer or makeup base & ndash; it is a cosmetic product that evens out the skin's relief and prepares it for the application of foundation. The primer makes the skin smoother and more silky, masks enlarged pores, removes oily sheen, increases make-up durability and protects the skin from external influences. A high-quality base perfectly hides minor skin imperfections and is able to create a “ photoshop effect '', as does the NO FILTER primer from IL Makiage. Thanks to it, your skin can look perfect: it kind of “ blurs '' mimic wrinkles and small skin imperfections. This primer can be applied underneath or mixed with foundation for a more matte, long-lasting finish.

After moisturizing your skin with your favorite product, apply the primer all over your face & ndash; movements from the center to the periphery. And already on it & ndash; foundation.

Three secrets of New Year's makeup

2. Don't neglect contouring.

Contouring or sculpting is a make-up technique that allows you to visually correct facial features, for example, make a wide face narrower, and an elongated one – and ndash; round off. To add accents, to give the face more expressiveness, a fresh and rested look.

Contouring is done using dry products & ndash; bronzer, blush, powder or highlighter. It is convenient to use for this a palette with several products that perfectly match in color, such as in the limited collection IL Makiage by Carly Bibl. When choosing a shade of products, remember: the lighter the skin, the lighter their color scheme should be, and vice versa.

With a bronzer, accentuate the cheekbones and the line of the lower jaw, apply it to the temples and along the side lines of the forehead to visually narrow it. Bronzer on the wings of the nose will make it thinner, and on the tip – & ndash; shorter. Blend the product very carefully so that there are no sharp edges.

Then apply the blush to the apples of your cheeks. The shade of the blush is matched to the skin tone, eye and hair color.

The final touch & ndash; highlighter or light powder with a delicate shine. With its help, we highlight the cheekbones from above.
3.Add volume to your lips.

Choose a lip liner that matches the color of your lipstick or a slightly darker shade. To visually make the lips fuller, outline them with a pencil, slightly going beyond the natural contour, with rounded lines. Then apply lipstick.

Of course, your makeup will be more perfect if you practice in advance to put these tips into practice. Better yet, see how the professionals do it and try it under their guidance!

This is where the Touch Up Express Course is designed for anyone who wants to quickly master the basic makeup skills. In just 2 appointments, so you can still make it before the New Year!

In this course, you will learn which cosmetics are really suitable for you and how to apply them correctly, how to do a light refreshing make-up. Learn the correct technique for applying eyeshadow to match your eye structure. Learn to create glamorous and long-lasting evening makeup with minimal time and effort, and more.

The course consists of two meetings & ndash; group and individual & ndash; at the IL Makiage store closest to your home. Group classes also take place at Zoom, or you may be sent a video. The school is taught in Hebrew, but there are many Russian-speaking teachers, and you can ask to meet with one of them for an individual lesson.

Who is this course suitable for? Those who want to learn how to hide various imperfections, traces of fatigue and age on the face; those whose makeup does not last longer than a couple of hours; and those who cannot find the right makeup products for themselves.

Learn more about Touch Up courses here

And for those who want to thoroughly master the art of make-up, and maybe even make it their profession, IL Makiage has a school of make-up artists – the largest in the country! It graduates thousands of new specialists every year.

An interesting and versatile course meets the highest standards currently existing in the global makeup industry. School teachers & ndash; leading experts who generously share their knowledge and secrets with students. Each school student receives a set of professional cosmetics worth almost NIS 12,000 as a gift.

In addition, IL Makiage has many other courses for training professionals for the beauty industry: hairdressing, eyebrow shaping, special effects, social media promotion, etc.

All courses include practical training and acquaintance with marketing and business tools that will help graduates in the future to start their own business and promote it on social networks. The best students receive help in finding employment, including in the branches of the IL Makiage network.

About the IL MAKIAGE brand

The company has been working in Israel for more 20 years. It is the largest mono-brand network in our country, with more than 40 branches and 6 makeup schools. In IL MAKIAGE stores you will find a wide range of products – more than 1000 items.

All brand cosmetics are produced in the USA, Germany, Italy and Japan. In addition, IL MAKIAGE has a large assortment of vegan products, and absolutely all products are not tested on animals!

Learn more about the company, its products and the makeup school on the website https : //

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