Three people were shot at point-blank range in the middle of a street in Sakhnin

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 Three people were wounded at close range in the middle of the street in Sakhnin

Two young people are accused of involvement in the shooting in a residential area of ​​the city of Sakhnin. According to the police, the men fired at point-blank range at three local residents, one of whom was seriously injured, and the other two were lightly and moderately injured. According to investigators, the incident was provoked by a conflict between families.

It is reported that one of the victims tried to flee the scene, but was confronted by the defendant, who drew a gun and shot him five times, seriously injuring him. The victim fortunately survived. The MDA team managed to deliver him to the clinic. At present, his condition has stabilized.

The police of the Northern District, having collected evidence and evidence, charged the suspects.

According to the indictment, it was an orchestrated operation in which two young men in their 20s, armed, arrived on a scooter to the Histadrut neighborhood in the city. two of them were wounded, as well as a random resident of a neighboring house, who was sitting in the yard. He was wounded by one of the defendants after he refused to enter his house. The defendants also fired at the windows of nearby houses to prevent any of the residents from going outside.

After the shooting, the defendants tried to escape and crashed into a passing car. One offender was arrested on the spot, the second was found the next day in Beersheba.

which the prosecutor's office transferred to the district court of Nazareth. The two defendants are charged with aggravated assault, use of weapons and obstruction of justice. At the request of the police, their detention was extended until the end of the trial.

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