Three of the world’s best cities to live

Три найкращих у світі міста для життя


Every year the international consulting firm Mercer conducts a study of indicators of living standards in various cities around the world. And here’s the best of them.

The Capital Of Austria, Vienna

It is sustainable, economical, and political center of the country. With a full health care system, competent and stable infrastructure with high levels of education and stable living standards of the population. The important fact is that the water supply system is replenished from Alpine sources. Here you can drink water from any faucet water and this system has been in place for about 130 years.

Три найкращих у світі міста для життя

In Western Canada, Vancouver

It is the third largest town of the country. Ecologically clean city with a highly developed infrastructure, is one of the most comfortable places to live. It is beautiful with its pristine nature, clean, well-kept city beaches, animals freely roam the streets. In Vancouver the lowest crime in the world.

Три найкращих у світі міста для життя


German quality medicine is well known all over the world. One of the richest cities in Germany is the Munich. Amid all the positive indicators of the city, it is here that the best hospitals and clinics with modern technology and unique medical equipment. It’s worth noting that Munich has two world famous attractions: the annual Oktoberfest and football team Bayern.

Три найкращих у світі міста для життя

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