Three obvious signs that a man does not want a relationship

Три явні ознаки того, що чоловік не хоче стосунків

How to understand men hints
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The woman is difficult to understand how she attracts a man. You need signals. Or rather, is simply to remove the rose-colored glasses.

The man seduces

As you know, when choosing a companion, men pay attention not only to the signals from the heart. Physical attraction is important. Therefore, you should understand whether a person is experiencing interest. If he sees you as just “one of” such hints from him is clearly not.

Not jealous of others

This sign always helps to understand if a man has feelings. If he’s in love, that will cherish and a little jealous of you. If men have no feelings, he will still be on your personal life. He will not pay attention to the gifts and the compliments that you get from the opposite sex. In such a situation the man will even encourage you to find a mate.

Три явні ознаки того, що чоловік не хоче стосунків

Sat on the neck

If a man is in love, he will do everything for you. And it’s not supposed to work in the opposite direction. In the honeymoon period of the stronger sex wants to look most attractive. If a man take you seriously, he will not behave “feminine”. You will not have to do his cleaning, to walk his dog and pick up mail using.

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