Three key words to keep marriage alive

Three main words are named to save marriage

Pope Francis named three words that will help keep the family together: “please”, “I'm sorry” and thank you. It is noted that the 85-year-old pontiff himself has never been married, for decades he consulted men and women as a confessor, helping them find peace and harmony in the family.

“How many times, unfortunately, conflicts arose within families due to prolonged periods of silence and uncontrollable selfishness. Sometimes it even ends in physical and mental abuse. It disrupts harmony and kills the family, '' the Associated Press reports.

The Pope also expressed confidence that the words “ thank you '', “ sorry '' and thank you – key and noted the importance of building closer relationships in the family, without being distracted by the factors of the modern world.

“The breakdown of marriage causes tremendous suffering, as many hopes are shattered. Children end up in pain when they see their parents are no longer together. We may not be born into an exceptional, hassle-free family, but our family is our story. Everyone should think, “This is my story.” These are our roots: if we cut them, life will dry up! '' – declared the pontiff.

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