Three judokas from Israel won gold medals

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 Three judokas from Israel won gold medals

Last month, Israeli judokas scored major victories at international competitions, winning medals.

Sagi Muki and Raz Hershko won gold at the Grand Slam tournament in Tel Aviv, which hosted participation of 398 athletes from 52 countries of the world.

Judoists Tamar Malka and Timna Nelson-Levi also distinguished themselves. The first won silver, the second – bronze.

According to Israeli media, 30-year-old Sagi Muki, the 2019 world champion, has already won nine medals at the Grand Slam tournament. Hershko, 24, most recently took first place at the 2022 Zagreb Grand Prix.

19-year-old Shaked Nisimian won Israel's first gold medal at the International Mixed Martial Arts Championships, claiming the women's lightweight title. weight up to 21 years. She previously held the European Jiu-Jitsu title.

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