Three for one: Olympic champion was brutally beaten in Moscow

Three for one: the Olympic champion was brutally beaten in Moscow

The famous figure skater, Olympic champion Dmitry Solovyov was severely beaten in the center of Moscow.

As noted by StarHit, his chosen one Anna Sidorova said that her friend asked three men for a lighter in one of the karaoke clubs.

Hams sharply answered the girl, to which Solovyov asked them to talk with the fair sex more respectfully. As a result, they attacked three on one. According to Sidorova, the athlete was thrown to the ground and kicked.

An ambulance and police arrived at the scene. The attackers were detained, and Solovyov was hospitalized in the Botkin hospital. Doctors diagnosed the Olympic champion with an open head injury and multiple bruises throughout the body. According to preliminary data, the skater will have to spend at least 10 days in the hospital.

Freshmen of the law faculty in Chita were detained. According to the representative of the Moscow police Vladimir Vasenin, law enforcement officers arrived at the call in four minutes.

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