Three exciting shows, like true detective

Три захопливих серіали на кшталт Справжнього детектива

Resurrection TV series
/ vokrug

Looking for the show to kept in suspense until the last of the series? Spun as a classic, like “true detective”? There are paintings.


The kidnapping of a FBI agent is a matter of great importance. The plot of the show is gorgeous: a criminal so clever that he was able to kidnap the FBI six years to keep him in custody. And then gave the girl in the glass tank filled with water. She remembers nothing, but will now take part in the investigation.


The most accurate copy of “true detective” and “Murder.” The tiny town, a shocking crime, and a new suspect each episode.


And here the quiet life of a small town violates a social worker who brings the “new” tenant. There are two pitfalls. Social worker – the actor from the TV series “house MD”, and the boy was buried 32 years ago. Begin to understand how it happened, and it turns out that in such small city lot.

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