Three British mensili that do not bother

Три британських мінісеріали, які не набриднуть

Still from the TV series the Confession
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Classic English detectives gradually turn into a crime drama with a complex social and psychological context. And here are some of them.


The series is written by screenwriter Jeff Pope (winner of the special BAFTA award) and tells the story of detective Steve Fulcher. It was a case of a missing young woman, but in the end the case cost him his career and reputation.


This is a stylish drama with a dramatic plot twist and a strong dose of black humor. Late at night, in the suburbs of Edinburgh two brothers own a record store Jake and successful lawyer, Max accidentally knocked on the old man’s death in the car coming home from the wedding. Despite the fact that they conceal traces of the crime, their life begins to crumble.

Dublin murder

Detectives Rob Riley and Cassie Maddox, investigate the murder of a little girl, Catherine Devlin. It is found in the woods, on the stone altar in the fetal position. The crime is interwoven with the past of Rob. He has a chance to solve a murder and the secret of his dark past. Secrets have Cassie, the story made mysterious intriguing story for her that is also rooted in childhood.

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