Threatening with a pistol, the customer children’s photo sessions robbed the girl-photographer

Пригрозив пистолетом,  заказчик детской фотосессии  ограбил девушку-фотографа

Threatening with a pistol, “the customer children’s photo session” robbed the girl-photographer
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Now Daria gives advice to colleagues on how to avoid becoming a victim of imaginary customers. Photo: social networks

From Kiev Daria Pavlova went to shoot a family history, and was the victim of a criminal.

“Last week a young man – “daddy” – booked my photo shoot with baby grandmothers-grandfathers – written on his page in Facebook Kyiv children’s photographer Daria Pavlova. This looks very plausible and culturally. The man was clearly in the subject – I know what to clarify. In the morning I arrived on the scene, ascended to the floor. It was not downtown, but I never meet clients “dress for success” and the place where they live. In response to the doorbell no one answered, but after a few seconds of the newly arrived Elevator firmly came a man in a mask with a gun and pointed the barrel at me. I was trapped, it was useless to resist. Man took photo backpack, where it was all that I have of the equipment, and disappeared. In said apartment at that time nobody was – people were leaving and shooting, of course, not ordered. I was hooked, but the plan was clearly laid out and done…”

Daria Pavlova, the famous master of photography. The girl was doing the family albums of many celebrities – Olympic champion Yana Klochkova, TV presenter Dasha Malakhova. For her trouble responded sympathetically of hundreds of residents. Some offered money, others their technique, others advised to independently calculate the villain.

– It happened in the house on the street Leskov on troyeschina (a residential district of Kiev), – the girl told “Komsomolskaya Pravda”. – The contents of the backpack will draw not less than 10 thousand dollars. I went to the police – gave them the mobile number of the offender, told all the details. I have no doubt that the offender had planned everything in advance – even from our first communication. But any suspicion he did not call me.

Unofficially, the police say that the gun could be a toy. But the girl was in shock and parts not considered.

Since the robber was wearing a mask, the sketch of the girl to have failed, – says acting chief of TSOs gumvd in Kiev Olga Bilyk. – In fact openly criminal proceedings under article “Robbery”. Criminal looking for, but I can say that similar situations, in Kiev, thankfully, has not happened.

While police searches for the criminal, Daria Pavlova, together with colleagues developing the rules that should be followed to the photographer when shooting in someone else’s apartment.

– Suggest to meet the person before the shoot and ask a considerable advance, – says Daria. – A good idea to ask about recommendations. People who will conceive something bad, immediately disappear. Also, it is necessary to rewrite all of the serial numbers of the equipment that it could return in case you catch a thief or reseller.

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