Threatened with murder: details of the robbery of the widow of Gradsky

 Threatened to kill: details of the robbery of Gradsky's widow

New details of the robbery of Alexander Gradsky's widow, Marina Kotashenko, are emerging.

According to Komsomolskaya Pravda, the woman was apparently followed for some time.< br />
“Apparently, the woman was led by a whole gang for some time. A fake car accident was staged. They said that if Marina called the police, they would return and be killed,” the source said.

According to press reports, three men got into Kotashenko's car, threatened her and forced her to go home . There extortionists took money and valuables worth 100 million rubles. After recovering from the shock, Marina Kotashenko nevertheless turned to law enforcement agencies.

“Channel 5” reports that the woman's bag with money, which was kept under the bed, was missing.

In addition, according to, a servant who knew that Kotashenko had transported a large amount of money.

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