Threatened with exorcism: the woman was going to marry a ghost

 Threatened with exorcism: a woman is about to marry a ghost

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38-year-old British Brocard is about to marry a ghost named Edwardo, whom she “met” last year.

According to LADBible, the woman claims she was denied several churches and even “threatened with exorcisms” by priests.

Despite this, Brocard plans to hold big wedding in the summer, but her capricious “groom” seems to be against it.

“I want a wedding in the summer, but he hates the heat,” the woman said.

The couple communicates by signs: Edwardo, the spirit of a soldier, sends cryptic messages in the shower or shows his emotions, “sending hot and cold sensations” through Brocard's body.

By the way, the wedding guests list includes the ghosts of Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, William Shakespeare, Henry VIII and Johnny Cash.

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