Threat of shelling from Gaza: roads blocked, trains stopped

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 Shelling threat from Gaza: roads blocked, trains stopped

In connection with the threats of Gaza terrorists, it was decided to block roads in the area of ​​border settlements and stop train traffic to Ashkelon and Sderot.

The Israeli military fears anti-tank missiles and sniper fire.

The reason for the fear was the arrest of the Islamic Jihad leader in Gaza, Basama al-Saadi.

Checkpoints were set up on the roads.

Access to agricultural areas west of Highway 232 was blocked.

Blocked Highway 4 on the Zikim-Erez section.

Traffic is blocked on Highway 34 on the section from Yad Mordechai to Nir Am.

Traffic is blocked on Highway 232 – from Nir to Kerem Shalom.

Access to Givat Kobi, Khets Shahor monument, Givat Pamonin is closed.

Zikim beach is closed.

The above measures have been taken to prevent direct harm to civilians.

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