Thousands of people took to the streets in support of the separatists: “demand independence”

Тысячи людей вышли на улицы в поддержку сепаратистов: «требуют независимости»

Thousands of people took to the streets in the framework of a large-scale action in support of separatists

A protest calling for the self-determination of the region held in Barcelona. On the streets of the city was about 200 thousand people.

Many of them carried pictures of the leaders of the movement for the secession of Catalonia from Spain. The participants of the peace March chanted “Freedom!” and “Independence!”.

To this action of the people has pushed the trial of 12 leaders of separatist movements started in Madrid. Accused persons were tried for participation in the referendum and Declaration of independence.

Тысячи людей вышли на улицы в поддержку сепаратистов: «требуют независимости»

It is known that the procession was attended by Chairman of the government of Catalonia Kim Torr and the President of the Catalan Parliament Roger Torrent.

Тысячи людей вышли на улицы в поддержку сепаратистов: «требуют независимости»

Earlier, we wrote about the fact that in the Albanian capital Tirana, protesters took to the main streets of the city to protest the current actions of the government.

It is known that protesters are not satisfied with what kind of future policy, prepare the people and high levels of corruption in governing bodies. While trying to detain the most active protesters, clashes with the police.

Local opposition broke through police cordons and attempted to break into the building of the Cabinet of Ministers. In addition, the citizens broke down the door of the official, but they never managed to go inside. The police stopped the protesters using tear gas and water cannons.

At the moment the ambulance had been taken to the hospital several victims. Opposition supporters stand for the government’s resignation and early elections.

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Previously, we reported that police arrested 38 protesters on Sunday, January 10.

It is noted that people received administrative arrests, “rioted the day before”.

Participants of the manifestation of “yellow jackets” was arrested in the Belgian city of Mons. They are credited with including the action of vandalism against the home of the President of the Francophone Socialist party of Belgium Elio Di Rupo.

According to police, these actions “caused damage” to the home of a famous Belgian politician.

Recall, thousands of people demanded the resignation of the President, Putin’s friend threatened.

As reported Politeka, riot because of the communal rose in Ukraine.

Also Politeka reported that the revolt in France broke out with new force: “the explosions, severed arms, tear gas”.

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