Those who make intimate haircut in an 80% higher risk of Contracting sexually transmitted diseases

Maybe you should not delay to pass tests.

У тих, хто робить інтимні стрижки, на 80% вище ризик заразитися венеричними захворюваннями

Frankly, the question of how to tame hair in the groin area or to forget about them, never seemed controversial: in the end, hygiene and tidiness has not been canceled, reports Rus.Media. But, according to researchers, the presence of intimate haircut on 80% increases the risk of Contracting sexually transmitted diseases!

For such an unpleasant conclusion reached by researchers from the University of California in San Francisco.

Researchers interviewed 7580 of respondents of both sexes. It was found that 66% of men and 84% of women one way or another caring for hair in the groin area (not in the sense of taking them to a movie and buy cotton candy, cut, shave, or resort to waxing). And the vast majority of them had or have in his medical records mention diseases that are sexually transmitted.

What is interesting and scary at the same time: the higher extreme intimate haircut, the more terrible venereal disease. That is, those who regularly resorted to waxing, have the most awesome list of STDs.

Such statistics explain to just that (though that does not help). Those who carefully watching their intimate haircut, most likely, there is someone to show it. Moreover, they want to show it to as many people as possible! While those who is devoid of passion in long-term relationships, or those who did not live a sexual life, give the hair in your intimate areas free.

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