Thomas Seltzer: – Shares good news

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Thomas Seltzer: – Shares good news

Host Thomas Seltzer will be the father of his wife Cecilie Caroline Waade. It reports the host himself on Facebook.

It was VG who mentioned the case first.

– It was the very best I had

In 2017, it became known that the couple had bought an apartment together in Trondheim, and the same year they welcomed a new family member into the world. Then they had a daughter, Ellinor. Waade also has a daughter from a previous relationship.

– It is great to have children when you are on your way into the autumn of life, possibly winter, he said in a comment to See and Hear.

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The couple gave each other their yes in Frogner church in Oslo in 2018. The couple got engaged when they were on Christmas vacation in Costa Rica in 2016, during a dinner with friends.

– How does it feel to be married?, asked Dagbladet Seltzer after the couple had come out of the church.

– It is very strange, but very nice. It is a great privilege to be married to Cecilie. Now it will be celebrated with party and dance, he said.

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