Thomas Amfibia Pet pro plus Black Friday price – NIS 2490 instead of 3490

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 Thomas Amfibia Pet pro plus at Black Friday price - NIS 2490 instead of NIS 3490

Black Friday begins and Electro-Gal, the official representative of the Thomas brand in Israel, offers a special promotion for the innovative Thomas Amfibia Pet pro plus: 2490 NIS. instead of 3490.
Promotion valid until November 30th or while stocks last.
Thomas Amfibia Pet pro plus – is an innovative multifunctional vacuum cleaner with two filtration systems: AquaBOX water and DryBOX cyclone, which allows you to clean any complexity and intensity. jpg” alt=” Thomas Amfibia Pet pro plus at Black Friday price – NIS 2490 instead of NIS 3490 ” />

With Thomas Amfibia Pet pro plus, you can quickly vacuum a lot of surfaces without the need to constantly clean the filter, or you can clean thoroughly and thoroughly with air humidification. Pet owners will especially appreciate the model: the vacuum cleaner copes with pet hair with a bang. The types of dust collectors change as easily as possible. It is enough to decide on the task and install the necessary filter.
When you need to clean the house quickly and efficiently, but there is no time at all – choose cleaning with the DryBOX system. She's ready to go in no time.
DryBOX has a lot of advantages. Firstly, allergens and fine dust remain inside the vacuum cleaner. The output is only clean air. Secondly, thanks to the fractional separation technology, large debris, fine allergenic dust and pet hair do not fall into one bag, but into different compartments of the dust collector. Why is this needed? In order not to breathe dust clouds while cleaning the container. The main part of the dust collector is emptied in one motion, and harmful dust is washed off from time to time with a stream of water without contact with the human respiratory system. Safe and hygienic.

 Thomas Amfibia Pet pro plus at Black Friday price - NIS 2490 instead of NIS 3490

С With this system, the vacuum cleaner does not require preparation for operation and special care after each use. The larger capacity container holds more dust than conventional cyclone models.
For thorough preventive cleaning, it is better to use the AquaBOX system, which is characterized by the highest degree of filtration. With this patented aqua filter you will remove 99.9% of dust and 100% of pollen.
The aquafilter uses a multi-stage filtration system: the air flow first passes through a water wall formed by four opposite nozzles, and then through a series of purification stages. In the water wall itself, every speck of dust and hair is wetted, they become heavy and stick together with other particles of debris. Then the air with this suspension enters the “fog” drops of water, where dust particles rotate in air microcyclones. Dust particles settle on the sea walls of the AquaBOX, and then with drops of water flow down into the water. AquaBOX provides the highest level of filtration and purity of treated air. Created by German scientists, Thomas washing vacuum cleaners work on the principle of volumetric dust suppression, when not only all surfaces, but also the air in the apartment are cleaned, and their aquafiltration system is approved by the British Allergy Foundation.

 Thomas Amfibia Pet pro plus at Black Friday price - NIS 2490 instead of NIS 3490

Thomas Amfibia Pet pro plus is large A set of attachments for a wide range of tasks, including special attachments for easy cleaning of wool from carpets, animal bedding and upholstered furniture.
You can buy Thomas Amfibia Pet pro plus from the official representative in Israel at or by phone *3134.

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