This was my favorite Game Boy / Game Boy Color game, but which one is yours?

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This was my favorite Game Boy / Game Boy Color game, but which one is yours?

I don’t know if they are the best Game Boy games, but they are the ones that my heart holds a special place for

The headline lies. Both the Game Boy and the later Game Boy Color marked my childhood, therefore, sorry, I cannot choose just one game. I hope that by taking more than one I can also find not only the game that conquered my heart, but also the one that conquered yours. Maybe now you are thinking, “Ok bro, very nice everything, but a Game Boy item in 2021?”. Well I’m not crazy (or yes), but Rumors that laptop games may be coming to Nintendo Switch, I have wanted to talk about this.

This may not be a list of the best Game Boy games. But I would like it to be our list of games that keep a place in our hearts, so make the comment box like yours, because I will love to read you.

Pokémon Blue – My First Love

  • Launching: November 1999

My birthday falls in July, and one summer I was so lucky that my parents They gave me a Game Boy Pocket. I know it was accompanied by a game, but I don’t even remember what they were, they didn’t mark me. My first great memory of a Gameboy game came when that same Christmas I was gifted a copy of Pokémon Blue. I was so excited about the gift that I destroyed the cardboard box to remove the cartridge (do you have any idea what that cardboard is worth today? ☠️)

I went crazy with the game, I already did it daily with anime, so being able to play it by myself was something incredible back then. Then I could not leave the saga, after Pokémon Blue came Pokémon Yellow, then Pokémon Silver, Pokémon Crystal and many others until today. What did you start with in the saga?

Donkey Kong Land 2 – A Nice Surprise

  • Launching: September 1996

Possibly Donkey Kong Land 2 was not the best of the saga, but I don’t care, it was the first one that fell into my hands and therefore it always kept that special magic. They say that your first girlfriend always keeps a special place in your heart, because the same thing happened with Diddy. The result was a game that, for my boy at the time, I liked much more than the repeated adventures of Mario Bros.

This was my favorite Game Boy / Game Boy Color game, but which one is yours?

I think I vaguely remember that later I played Donkey Kong Land 3. I don’t know if it was better or worse than this one, but I know that I enjoyed this one as with few games I did in my life.

WarioLand 2 – The game that broke a friendship

  • Launching: March 1998

I have a very curious history with this game. I promise you that I learned about this game thanks to my neighbor. If you are 20 years old perhaps this sounds utopian to you (I wish I was 20 years old again), but before you met people so that each one could play their games and you would see what your friends had, because surprise, there was no YouTube, then the You knew what games were like from the back of the cover or because someone had seen it.

This was my favorite Game Boy / Game Boy Color game, but which one is yours?

The fact is that my second neighbor (Hello Adrián!), Had this game and it seemed incredible to me. Worst of all, gambling literally affected our relationship, because andor I remember asking him to leave the game for me for a few days, and the bastard there was no way he would lend it to me, when I had always left him a lot of PS1 games. Overall, I always had to settle for watching it or playing it for 10 minutes on the stairs of my farm.

The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages – Always wanted it but never had it

  • Launching: October 2001

Has it ever happened to you that you have wanted a game but never bought it? Welcome to my story with the Zelda Oracle. I also tell you, I fell in love with the cover, but it was a game that I always saw in the store and that caught my attention. I was a child at that time and I depended on the games my parents bought meSo on all platforms I have games that I wanted and didn’t have. In the end, there was always another new one that caught my attention or that directly on my birthday they decided to give me a fucking coat and not another Gameboy game.

This was my favorite Game Boy / Game Boy Color game, but which one is yours?

As you can see, years later I was compensated and right now I have the two deliveries in my collection. Although I also admit that, I am such a mess, that I have not played them yet.

Metal Gear Solid – Best Game Boy Color Game?

  • Launching: April 2000

This game is not my favorite nor have I tried it in my life, possibly having to apologize for it. But a great friend of mine once told me that it is possibly one of the best games on the laptop and is even at the top of Metal Gear. The respect I feel towards my friend is enormous, so in an article about Game Boy games I was unable to leave it out. If any of you have tried it, can you tell me how was your experience in the comment box?

This was my favorite Game Boy / Game Boy Color game, but which one is yours?

Bonus track – Pokémon Amarillo

  • Launching: June 2000

I don’t think I have to give a lot of explanations, PIKACHU FOLLOWS YOU !, ONLY ASK KETCHUM IS FOLLOWED BY P * TO PIKACHU!

This was my favorite Game Boy / Game Boy Color game, but which one is yours?

Now it’s up to you to choose …

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