This simple daily habit will have a positive impact on your career

Ця проста щоденна звичка позитивно вплине на вашу кар'єру

To your success also affects the amount of sleep

Ambitious people often don’t get enough sleep because I spend all the time and effort to a career. The study showed the fallacy of such tactics.

If you want to achieve maximum success in work and personal life, and in addition the improve health, then you need to get some sleep. A study involving more than 1,000 people showed that healthy sleep (7-8 hours daily) is directly linked to the performance of a number of tasks that are often put before people. Among them: saving money, eating healthy, physical shape, learning new skills, reading regularly, avoiding harmful habits, travel, career success.

On average, adequate sleep twice increased the chances of career success, when compared with the sleep deficit. People who get enough rest, for 30% more likely to have achieved any of their goalsthan those who couldn’t sleep.

Ця проста щоденна звичка позитивно вплине на вашу кар'єру

Research has shown that sleep is important for career growth

Healthy sleep reduces stress, soothing, saturated with the necessary energy, enhance brain function and the ability to solve complex problems, improve mood, slowed aging, strengthen memory and attentiveness. Chronic lack of sleep had the opposite effect.

Moreover, the lack of sleep quite often was associated with procrastination – a tendency to continuously postpone even the most important and urgent cases, leading to the problems of life and the painful psychological effects. And when people who regularly don’t get enough sleep, complained about the lack of time for sleep, a detailed analysis of their daily activities showed inability to plan and a chronic waste of the time for a lot of unnecessary minor cases.

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