This product will help to control the sugar level in the blood

Этот продукт поможет контролировать уровень сахара в крови

Cheese reduces insulin resistance

Eating cheese helps to reduce insulin resistance, contributing to the normalization of blood sugar levels. This could make canadian scientists, reports the with reference to the news of Yu.

A published report on the work of specialists of the University of Alberta, who said about the usefulness of the cheese to prevent insulin resistance – a condition in which the level of glucose in the blood, and it might be associated with the development of cardiovascular diseases and type II diabetes.

“Cheese of different fat content can maintain normal blood sugar levels. This milk product reduces insulin resistance,” say scientists.

The publication notes that in recent years, scientific data on the health impact of cheese on the body become greater. Cheese has a high fat content, and consumption of saturated animal fat products have long been associated with the threat to the health of the cardiovascular system. However, studies show that people who eat a lot of cheese, does not demonstrate increased risk of vascular diseases and heart and also not prone to type II diabetes.

Canadian specialists set out to test attributed to cheese properties and conducted an experiment on rodents. For eight weeks, animals were fed a fat and parts of them were given and cheese, both low and normal fat content. Those animals who ate the cheese, was recorded in the result, the reduction of insulin resistance by normalizing blood sugar.

Has also been found that animals who ate only fat, the body contained lower levels of phospholipids – substances that are important for its normal functioning. At the same time, in rodents who consumed the cheese, the amount of phospholipids was higher.

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According to the authors of the project, the impact of cheese on the concentration of sugar in the body may be associated “with some important component”. They believe that it’s not fat – most likely, protein or calcium.

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