This popular medication can cause liver damage

Это популярное лекарство может спровоцировать поражение печени

The drug is sold without prescription.

To provoke drug liver disease can not only difficult drugs to treat serious diseases (e.g., cytotoxic agents used in cancer treatment) that are dispensed solely by prescription, but the common over-the-counter remedies, reports the with reference to Toneto.

Among OTC preparations leading role on potential danger to the liver belongs to paracetamol. One has to note “deceit” of this drug… the Intentional use of paracetamol in high doses causes not more than 50% of all cases of acute liver failure caused by overdose. In other cases, the cause of this acute liver failure is paracetamol overdose, or by mistake.

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In some cases, the hepatotoxicity of a new drug is not detectable in clinical studies, and revealed only after its registration and the beginning of mass application. It is potential harmful to the liver recognized after acceptance of a new drug to market, is the main reason for the suspension and even cancellation of licences for medicines previously approved by the official regulatory agencies.

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