This is the new device that thieves use to steal your car in seconds

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This is the new device that thieves use to steal your car in seconds

The car theft it has been a constant problem for several decades. To try to avoid this, car brands have been constantly evolving so that, every time, it is more difficult to steal a vehicle when it is parked.

However, unfortunately thieves have been learning new techniques, which now rely on technology to bypass the countless sensors and steal the car in seconds. Thanks to a video recorded in the United Kingdom, a new technique used by lovers of the alien has become known.

All the robbery takes a matter of a few seconds. First, two subjects approach the parked car and check that there is no one nearby. Suddenly, one of them takes out of his pocket what appears to be a Nintendo Game Boy, a portable video game console from a few years ago, and, as if by magic, the car is completely unlocked.

Once inside, it takes a few moments for thieves to circumvent the security scheme thanks to this device, which tricks the car into thinking that the coded key It is located inside the unit.

Finally, they start and steal the truck parked in the driveway of its owner without anyone noticing. Fortunately, the police took action on the matter and the thieves were arrested.

When they inspected his belongings, they found the portable video game, but it is not what it seems. According to the officials, its proportions and weight are the same but when it is turned on it shows a menu with several options that are segmented by car brand.

This device generates, in a matter of moments, a large number of combinations that are originally assigned to smart car keys. When you find the combination of the key for that vehicle, the device will appear to be the presence key and, while it is near the car, it can be turned on and started without any problem.

Thieves even stop near your driveway to see if your device can clone the signal of the original key. If this is achieved, the theft can be carried out much faster, since the “Game Boy” already has the access code without the need to generate infinite combinations.

The local police released the video so that other justice departments find out about this new way of stealing vehicles. According to the officials, the device was bought online by the thieves and cost them $ 27,000, something like just over half a million pesos at the current exchange rate.


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