“This is reminiscent of the second intifada.” Terror in Jerusalem

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After a series of bloody terrorist attacks in Jerusalem, many residents fell into despair. Recently, the number of calls to help centers has increased.

“Feelings are heavy. In the past two weeks, ten people have been killed in attacks in Jerusalem, which is worrying,” said a young woman who lives in the Ramot neighborhood, where a car attack on Friday killed three people, including two brothers aged 8 and 6.

Another young man who lives in the area, in an interview with the newspaper “Maariv” said: “I hope that at least now they will put blocks on the sidewalks near bus stops to prevent similar attacks in the future. I heard that there were concrete blocks at the bus stop, but after the pavement was repaired, they weren't returned, which is a shame. We need an operation to install blocks in places like bus stops, and we need to increase patrols and police presence in the city.”

A pensioner living in the city center said in desperation: “We were promised personal security, and yet the situation is getting more and more difficult. We must put an end to this. They killed our children, there is no sense of security.”

The mayor of Jerusalem, Moshe Leon, said after the horrific attack, “My heart hurts because of what's going on. A disgusting terrorist takes the lives of innocent children and adults just because they are Jews. This is yet another event going on in a tense period requiring vigilance. I support the security forces in their work to investigate the incident and in the war for the safety of the citizens of Israel and the residents of Jerusalem.”

At the end of the week, the help centers reported an increase in calls to the centers, with a special focus on the residents of Jerusalem , who spoke of negative feelings and anxiety overwhelmed by the difficult events of recent times.

Yesterday, some of the residents said that the difficult events reminded them of the wave of terrorist attacks that occurred in the city during the second intifada. “Feelings are not at all simple,” said Yehuda, a resident of the city. “It reminds me of the dark times when there were whole days when cafes were empty and every bus ride was a huge anxiety.” Jerusalem is such a complex city, full of problems. At the very least, the feelings in relations between Jews and Arabs are very fragile. A series of terrorist attacks, like the recent ones, certainly generates strong fear and tension.

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