This invisibility sweater will help you “hide” your face from AI

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 This invisibility sweater will help

Scientists from the University of Maryland at College Park have developed a sweater that will help a person hide from artificial intelligence detection systems. According to Hackster, the team has created an “adversarial template” that helps trick a neural network into producing incorrect results. “The detectors work by looking at thousands of previous images with different object locations, sizes, and aspect ratios. In order to fool the object detector, the adversarial template must also change all previous images, which is much more difficult than fooling the only output of the classifier”, — the researchers reported. Scientists used the “invisibility sweater”, which is much more effective at degrading the performance of detectors. "This stylish sweater — great way to warm up this winter. It features a waterproof microfleece lining, a modern fit, and AI-opposing patterns to help hide from object detectors.

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