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Lawyer Meir Zohar knows how to properly get money for Bituah Siudi long-term care insurance.

Most HMO members in Israel have Bituach Siudi supplementary long-term care insurance through their HMO. Usually according to “Bituah Siudi” allowances of around NIS 3,500 – 5,500 per month for 5 years should be paid – in cases where the patient has restrictions on at least 3 daily activities – dressing, bathing, going to the toilet, or cognitive decline, such as dementia or Alzheimer's disease that needs help. But what is the secret? How to get these benefits, especially today, when there have been many changes in nursing insurance in recent years, when most health insurance companies have changed insurance companies? For example, the Maccabi Health Insurance Fund in 2019 transferred its members from the Klyal insurance company; to Phoenix Company, Meuhedet Health Insurance Fund since January 2020, she transferred insurance from the Phoenix company; to the Menorah company etc.? The secret lies in professional legal knowledge, as well as the ability to correctly and accurately conduct the procedure for filing a lawsuit in order to avoid mistakes that can cost you big financial losses.
First important tip: the amount of payment to the insured is determined according to the date when he became “siudi” – in accordance with objective documents, and not in accordance with the date when he first applied to the insurance company.

Tamara, a member of the Meuhedet Health Insurance Fund, has been registered in Bituah Leumi for many years as a long-term care patient for health reasons – she has suffered 2 strokes and suffers from severe diabetes with complications, due to which she cannot perform most of the necessary daily functions – to dress, bathe and even stand up on your own. Tamara recently filed handwritten paperwork with the Menorah Insurance Company on her own, unknowingly erroneously stating on the form that her condition was “siudit.” started at the time of contacting the insurance company. However, the insurance company took care to collect the necessary documents and discovered that Tamara's serious condition began many years ago, so they rejected her claims and referred Tamara to her previous insurer, Phoenix Company. But Phoenix, for its part, took advantage of Tamara's mistake in filling out the claim form, saying that even according to the most insured, she only needed constant help when filing a claim. Therefore, “Phoenix” also dismissed the claim, stating that at the time indicated by her they were no longer insurers of the Meuhedet Health Insurance Fund. When Tamara contacted Meira Zohar's law office, they explained to her the difficulty she created herself by filling out the paperwork incorrectly. But thanks to the knowledge and reputation of lawyer Meira Zohar, a professional lawsuit was filed, which, among other things, included a demand that the two insurance companies agree with each other about payments to Tamara. Within a few months, it was possible to obtain for her a payment of about NIS 135,000, the amount for the previous period, and an additional monthly allowance of about NIS 4,500 for the next 30 months.
This example shows how the ignorance of the insured can create problems for himself, therefore, forms sent by the insurance company, and seemingly “harmless” are not always and “simple”, which they really are, there are many pitfalls and “fine print” that need to be properly interpreted.


Second important tip:you don't have to be in a nursing home or being bedridden in order to receive money from long-term care insurance “Bituah Siudi”.
Vadim, 88 years old, suffers from “bouquet” severe diseases – heart failure, progressive Parkinson's disease, and renal failure. Vadim has been receiving nursing hours from Bituah Leumi since 2017, but until recently he was not bedridden and was sometimes able to leave the house. Due to his disability, he needed help with bathing, dressing his lower body, and going to the toilet. Vadim believed that he was not entitled to receive care payments from insurance through the Clalit Health Insurance Fund, of which he is a member. It was only when his condition worsened and he was recently admitted to a nursing home that an insurance claim was made on his behalf. This was a big mistake, and we explain: Institutional care allowances are based on actual expenses and receipts, and a significant proportion of patients receive a code from the Ministry of Health, so in this case the allowance is usually very low, and confirmation of the level of expenses is required monthly. On the other hand, with home care, the benefit is fixed and fully complies with the terms of the policy. Second, when a patient's condition becomes severe and only then does he claim insurance payments, the previous period for which he was eligible to receive benefits under the policy may not be statute of limitations, even if he met all three pre-admission criteria. in Beit Avot, and waiting for a critical state is wrong and risky.
Therefore, it is important to know that Meira Zoarest's law office has all the tools to safely and correctly conduct the lawsuit process from beginning to end, thanks to the means at our disposal, so that the insured can start receiving the money he needs from the insurance company without delay. We provide him with the safest and most professional legal support.
The office is headed by an experienced lawyer Meira Zohar, which has been working with Russian-speaking Israelis for many years and represents their interests throughout the country, and she knows how to help the insured as safely, quickly, efficiently and correctly as possible. The office has been specializing exclusively in Bituah Siudi insurance for many years. for long term care. Lawyer Meira Zohar works directly with each client, there is no need for a team of “accountants”, “experts” and so on. This greatly simplifies the litigation process for insured sick people.
Lawyer Meira Zohar managed to win a positive decision in a very important class action lawsuit against 4 insurance companies, which relates to Bituah Siudi's private policies. You can read about the subject of the class action and other legal successes of the firm on our website.
Don't lose the opportunity to get your money! Contact the experts!
The fee for our work is paid only after the successful solution of the problem.
Our main office is located in the business center of Bnei Brak. But IMPORTANT NOTE that the office staff works all over Israel, from north to south, INCLUDING EILAT, and can help you solve your problems.

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