This Frenchman in his 98 years continues to engage in medical business

Цей француз у свої 98 років продовжує займатися лікарською справою

This cute grandpa still treats patients in his office

On the threshold of its centenary, Dr. Christian Schoen sees fine without glasses and do not complain of health. And their first patients he attended in the early 1950s. And continued to treat people until now, despite his advanced age.

In the office, located in the southern suburbs of Paris Shawl-Larue, Christian schöne twice a week, conducts reception of patients. Many of them he heals the decades.

His workspace is devoid of high-tech equipment. I even have a computer. Although Christian Chenet says: he is aware of all the latest developments by subscribing to online health magazines.

The doctor says a new amazing factor in his almost seventy years of career were the patients who independently put a diagnosis through the Internet, and then come to the reception and require prescriptions for certain medications.

Many patients complain that they find it difficult to get an appointment in the Cabinet of Christian Chenet. It is not surprising, because three doctors have 19 000 patients. So people get up early to sign up to the doctor. Especially they want to be seen by anyone but Monsieur Chenet. And he, in turn, promises to personally take the first 20 who signed up.

Цей француз у свої 98 років продовжує займатися лікарською справою

His techniques are recorded from the early morning

Christian Shen complains that after 60 years of a person are usually recorded in the category of “elders”. And then she left the cards, Sudoku, and TV. But if all day to sit at home and watch TV, the brain is aging rapidly. The result is a very quickly become a complete idiot.

Interestingly, the average age of doctors at retirement in France is 67 years old. By the way, son of Christian schöne, who also had his own medical practice, has joined the ranks of pensioners.

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