This factor deals the same damage to health as a heart attack

British researchers from the University of Aberdeen claim that severe emotional stress can be just as damaging to health as heart attack.

According to experts, many people suffer from so-called broken heart syndrome or cardiomyopathy takotsubo. This condition is usually associated with severe emotional loss and occurs when a stressful event causes weakening of the heart muscle. To date, the doctors suggested that the damage is temporary and gradually disappears, but a new study has found that broken heart syndrome weakens heart continuously, causing an effect similar to a heart attack.

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For the past two years, experts have studied 37 patients with cardiomyopathy takotsubo. Scientists regularly underwent ultrasonography and MRI scan and found that the heart damage was present long after a traumatic event that first caused the condition. According to experts, patients with broken heart syndrome, you should assign the same medications that patients who had suffered a heart attack.

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