This drink prolongs life for people with chronic kidney disease

Scientists from Portugal claim that daily consumption of coffee significantly reduces the risk of early death for people with chronic kidney disease. To this conclusion they came, exploring 2,3 thousand patients for over 12 years.

Those who drank 3 cups of coffee a day, reduced the risk of death by 25%, 2 cups of beverage every day, 22% one 12%. Portuguese scientists have found this information through a survey of patients with chronic kidney disease. Experts consider it their duty to tell people with such pathology, on the effects of coffee on their life expectancy.

The results of these research assistants was presented in New Orleans at the conference of the American society of Nephrology, dedicated to kidney disease. They said that because their findings obtained only based on observations, they cannot be considered proof that caffeine reduces the risk of death for people with chronic kidney disease. He is going to do research to find out the causal relationship of these conclusions, Recalling that, in some cases, coffee can be fraught with danger for human health.

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