This drink doctors offered to treat diabetes

Этим напитком врачи предложили лечить сахарный диабет

In this disease will help the camel milk.

According to some studies, camel milk is extremely helpful for diabetics, but what exactly is this favor, until now it was difficult to even imagine, writes the with reference to

Any milk consists of lipids, proteins, including immunoglobulins (antibodies produced by plasma cells), carbohydrates, and vitamins and minerals. But what all of this list could improve the condition of patients with diabetes?

A combined team of researchers from Wales decided to focus on one aspect and explore exclusively the effect of lipids (fat) of camel milk on the characteristic of the diabetes inflammation in the abdominal cavity around the waist.

Lipids of camel milk are known for having high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids that are considered healthy fatty acids; their content can reach 45% of the total amounts of fat.

Usually the inflammation is a way of dealing with infections. However, people suffering from obesity and diabetes, have a permanent chronic peritoneal inflammation, not connected with infections.

A major player in the development of diabetic inflammation cells are macrophages. Therefore, the researchers decided to find out whether the lipids of camel milk to prevent the inflammation associated with the work of macrophages. Researchers in laboratories have studied the effect of saturated and unsaturated lipids of camel milk on macrophages, both together and separately.

Experiments have shown that the fatty acids of camel milk can reduce the inflammation caused by macrophages, and the effect was most pronounced in mixtures of lipids (such as it is represented in a solid product).

A particularly interesting discovery was that of camel milk lipids stopped the release of proinflammatory cytokines proteins that organize inflammation in the body.

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Scientists say that there is no guarantee that it works exactly in the human body, but nevertheless, there is a chance. This chance indicates that camel milk can indeed be a useful product for diabetes.

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