This berry promotes weight loss

Эта ягода способствует снижению веса

British scientists have called the miracle fruit for a comfortable weight loss.

British academics said about the beneficial properties of one of the berries, reports the with reference on Voice.

After a detailed study of the blueberries, scientists came to the conclusion that this berry is extremely useful and helps to cope with different ailments. According to scientists, the blueberry is a miracle berry and a real “vitamin bomb” which is extremely good for health.

So, thanks to the blueberries, you can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases by 12-15%. It’s enough to eat one Cup of berries.

The doctors found that this berry is accompanies weight loss, however, weight loss due to it is carried out smoothly within six months.

The secret of useful properties of blueberries, according to doctors, lies in anthocyanins, which create red and blue color in fruits and berries. They have a beneficial effect on the entire body.

The doctors told that there has ever been allergic to buckwheat

Blueberry has contraindications, before expert advice is required.

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