This accessory will help get rid of back pain and swelling of the legs during the flight

Цей аксесуар допоможе позбутися болю в спині та набряку ніг під час польоту

This accessory will allow you to fly with comfort

Back pain and swelling of the feet during the flight will leave in the past. So promise passengers the creators of the special hammock for your feet.

The company Lzellah developed a soft stand, which allows the passengers during the flight to feel your legs like a pillow,” says the advertising slogan.

In essence this is a small hammock, which travelers just put your feet on a trip. The device is made of foam with “memory” is hung over the folding table on the back of the chair. At the bottom of the hammock there is a removable Board, which does not allow the feet to slide each other.

Designers Lzellah said, using the flat of the stand allows the feet softly swaying to the motion of the aircraft. This in turn helps to prevent back pain, stiffness and swelling of the legs that occurs during long flights. Using an adjustable belt, the passenger can change the height, on which is suspended a hammock.

Цей аксесуар допоможе позбутися болю в спині та набряку ніг під час польоту

The product is available for order at Amazon. The cost is 18.72 USD. The site also contains reviews of passengers who have already used the new.

One of the comments to the product, for example, says: “I often fly for work, and unfortunately, I don’t have enough space so the legs move and feel comfortable.” In another review States that “it is a great device for legs, hips and back. The strap is adjustable, so the stand can be set so that feet and knees were higher or lower according to your comfort.”

Part of travelers said that the product will be especially useful to passengers whose feet do not reach the floor during the flight.

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