Third in Bat Yam! Maadaney Mania opens a new store at 134 Balfour.

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 The third one in Bat Yam! Maadaney Mania opens a new store on Balfour , 134.

On July 19 at 2 pm, the opening of the third store of the Maadaney Mania chain in Bat Yam at Balfour 134 will take place. The branches of our deli chain in this city are located in such a way that it is convenient for almost every resident to make a purchase there. The new branch is located next to the Gan Ha-Ir Park and the new Park Ha-Yam area, now the residents of these areas have their own cozy and largest in the city “Maadaney Mania”, where you can buy familiar products, gourmet delicacies and try something something new, because we regularly replenish our assortment with delicious new products.

 Third in Bath Pit! Maadaney Mania opens a new store at 134 Balfour.

We decided to find out what you like the most in our stores. After all, developing our network, we want not only to expand it, but also to improve it. Therefore, we asked our customers why they chose our network for regular purchases. Here are our customer responses.

 Third in Bat Yam! &laquo

Olga, 38 years old, Bat Yam “I consider myself lucky that” Mania ” located next to my house. Many people have to make a special trip to Mania to buy the usual products, without which there is literally “nothing to eat” at home. I mean "Manevskaya" sausages, fresh meat, good cheese, buckwheat, sunflower oil, fat sour cream, cottage cheese.
Basic products familiar to our table. Many of my friends go to Mania to buy meat products, because there it is the most delicious.
Ira, 50 years old, Tel Aviv «Maadaney Mania» we have been loving since 2014, when we moved to Israel. I still remember how happy it was to find this store! I really love shrimp and other seafood, and they were not in the nearest stores. But next to my first job, I discovered Mania, went in, and everything was there, like in a fairy tale: good cheeses, red caviar, a variety of seafood. Even dried bream for beer! I immediately bought a jar of caviar, pasties (they turned out to be very tasty), bream, roach and beer, and ran all this to please my husband as soon as possible. Of course, then we discovered other gourmet shops in the country. But still “Mania” — this is our first love in Israel!».

 Third in Bat Yam!

Tatyana, 24 years old, Rishon Lezion “For me,” Maadanei Mania ” — this is the place where I always go before any holiday, as we used to do with my mother. I especially like to go to the “Mania” before New Year. And not only to buy red caviar, salmon, herring for a fur coat, green peas in Olivier and my favorite drink “Tarhun”, but also to recharge the New Year's mood. In my opinion, in “Mania” they really know how to create the right pre-New Year atmosphere.».

 Third in Bat Yam! Maadaney Mania opens a new store at 134 Balfour.< /p>
Igor, 42 years old, Bat-Yam “Mania” I love, of course, for the assortment. Thank you so much to this store for the fact that they have a large selection of fast food and other truly delicious food. I have “Mania” next to the house. I go there after work hungry and I always buy myself something for dinner, which doesn’t really need to be cooked. I really like to take a beef entrecote or a pork steak, which you can quickly fry in a pan and have dinner, like in a restaurant.
Margarita, 64 years old, Petah Tikva cashier. I know that they have a friendly team. I like that Mania loves all the holidays – both local and “imported”. Apparently, that's why they always have such a pleasant atmosphere.
You go in for dumplings for dinner, and you come out with some goose legs and a dozen ideas on how to cook them. That's where the holiday is every day, so it's in “Mania”.
It's great to receive such warm feedback, it shows that we are on the right track. Every time we open a new branch, we think about how to make it as attractive as possible for our customers, because we want it to become their favorite store, where it is convenient to make delicious purchases. And the feedback really helps us navigate the preferences of customers.
We are pleased to inform you that on July 19 at 14.00 our third branch in Bat Yam will open at Balfour 134. In honor of the opening, you will get a 20% discount on all types of fresh meat and sausage products * as well as other special discounts. Be sure to come by!
We hope to become your favorite family store in the future, which you will enjoy visiting.
*Valid until 07/30/22. Events are not duplicated.
All our discounts are here Our website: Facebook page: of our branches:
BEER SHEVA – Shd. Yerushalayim 4, 08-6109955 ASHKELON – ha-Avoda 74, 08-6729006 ASHDOD CITY – st. HaZionut 41, 08-8670788 Ashdod – Mirkaz Kalaniyet, st. Yakinton 5, 08-6337282‎ ASHDOD CITY – st. Tashakh 3, 08-9975055 REHOVOT – st. Herzel 157, 08-6758040 RISHON LECION – st. Altalena 3, 03-9412905 RISHON LECION – st. Herzl 30, 03-9500836 RISHON LECION – st. Ein a-Kore 19, 03-9566778 RISHON LECION – st. Herzel 91, 03-5224414 BAT YAM – st. Uziel 5, 03-5462000‎ BAT YAM – at. Balfour, 97, 03-6122960 HOLON – st. Kdushey Cairo 23, 03-5038555‎ HERZLIA – st. Sokolov1, 09-9570256‎ PETAH TIKVA – st. Gutman 7, 03-9131513 PETAH TIKVA – st. Herzel 30, 03-6354166 RAMAT GAN – st. Bialik 27, 03-5729266 NETANIA – st. Stemper 16, 09-8625553 HADER – st. Herbert Samuel 55, 04-8848199 HAIFA – Kiryat Eliezer district, st. Yoav 1, 04-8515166 KIRYAT YAM – Shd. Yerushalayim 51, 04-8755455

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