Thieves stole unique plants in Japan: “the damage to 13 million”

Воры украли уникальные растения в Японии: «ущерб на 13 миллионов»

In Japan kidnapped a fantastic expensive bonsai trees

Among the stolen trees and a 400 year old tree, which is estimated at 10 million yen (almost us $ 100 thousand).

Victims of criminals became a family Iimura, which for five generations grow unique bonsai trees. On the site of the family, located near Tokyo, were more than three thousand plants, but the thieves knew what to take. They took the most expensive plants – damage 13 million yen (about 120 thousand dollars).

Воры украли уникальные растения в Японии: «ущерб на 13 миллионов»

The police believes that criminals can sell stolen copies of much more expensive.

The wife of the head of the family told me that all the trees were to her as children. She even appealed to the criminals please take good care of the rare plants and not forget about regular watering.

The family kept his rare collection free to access. The garden was opened to ordinary passers-by could admire such beauty.

Now the victim will think about security measures.

Bonsai is an ancient art to grow miniature versions of real trees. The occupation is very laborious and time-consuming. Requires significant effort, resources and patience.

As previously reported, in the capital of Russia Moscow there was a daring robbery. Stealing from the Tretyakov gallery paintings Kuindzhi was contagious – another stolen piece of art. Though not from a Museum and not an art gallery and a restaurant.

Воры украли уникальные растения в Японии: «ущерб на 13 миллионов»

Located in the city centre, the restaurant has an entourage of “antique” – in the premises of the Antiques and on the walls hang paintings. The canvas on which the thief had his eye belonged to the General Director of the institution, and worth a fabulous sum. However, the attacker managed cloth safely handle.

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It is reported that the unknown quietly entered the restaurant, took a picture went out. Man detained nobody and did not ask a single question.

The offender is caught on CCTV camera installed at the entrance to the restaurant. So, a middle-aged man talking quietly, carrying a work of art.

We will remind that scandal with a painting by a famous artist Banksy, who self-destructed at auction, has received unexpected continuation.

As reported Politeka, Japan has prepared an unpleasant surprise to Putin: give back the Kuril Islands.

Also Politeka wrote that in the Turkish hotel was the steal of the century.

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