Thieves grinder gutted ATM: the richness of the bet

Воры болгаркой распотрошили банкомат: сорвали приличный куш

Using the contents of the ATM decided to get rich criminals

In Volhynia the three attackers robbed the ATM.

Gut of its contents, they took a decent amount of nearly 600 thousand hryvnias. However, the joy of the robbers was short-lived. They were detained at the scene.

Воры болгаркой распотрошили банкомат: сорвали приличный куш

Law enforcement caught the thieves “red-handed” – as we stand before the ATM, with the special tool and Bank money.

Fans of “easy money” was a 33-year-old and 40-year-old native of the Transcarpathian region, and 34 a resident of Rivne. All three had had problems with the law.

Now the attackers can take the advantage of the ATM in seven years.

As previously reported, the inhabitants of Poltava region are faced with an unexpected problem: ATMs give out cut bills. This was told local media, citing complaints of citizens.

Such problem faced for several cardholders. Complaints of rugged bills received when using ATMs of “PrivatBank”, “Oschadbank” and “Raiffeisen Bank” Aval”.

Local journalists have decided to check whether at ATMs, it is possible to damaged banknotes.

Воры болгаркой распотрошили банкомат: сорвали приличный куш

“In two cases the money was split evenly, as with a pair of scissors in the middle, and in the third case got trimmed 500 hryvnia bill. Our girls did not panic, went directly to banks, where they without problems exchanged damaged banknotes. However, we had to change plans and spend the time to get money,” — wrote in the media.

Local residents are urged to be careful when withdrawing cash from ATMs and, if necessary, immediately contact the financial institution to replace the bills.

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Воры болгаркой распотрошили банкомат: сорвали приличный куш

It was also reported that the ATMs of PrivatBank began to sum clients to use most of the services is impossible because of the broken card readers.

Unfortunately, the Bank staff on complaints has not responded. The client had to find an ATM elsewhere.

Recall that from the ATM of a mental hospital missing half a million hryvnia.

As reported Politeka, PrivatBank disgraced with the disappearance of the money.

Also Politeka wrote that the problem of the ATM of PrivatBank client cost is expensive.

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