Thieves entered the settlement from the Egyptian border

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 Thieves entered the settlement from the Egyptian border

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Infiltration into the settlement, located near the border with Egypt, created a feeling of loss of security among the inhabitants.

Visitors to a family in the settlement of Kadesh-Barnea discovered that two of their ATVs were missing. We are talking about vehicles worth tens of thousands of shekels – but they and their owners were not worried about the theft, but the fact that thieves entered the settlement by cutting the wire of the fence, which is located several hundred meters from the border with Egypt.
< br /> Of even greater concern was the fact that no one noticed the thieves who entered the settlement at the territory of the Ramat Negev regional council at night, bypassed it and stole two ATVs almost unhindered.

“It could have been terrorists,” worried residents say. On Saturday evening, residents of the district took to the streets and erected makeshift barriers at the entrance to the settlements.

Home front services and the regional council. The settlement, located a few hundred meters from the border with Egypt, does have a fence – but no warning system. “It is important to understand that the hole in the fence was cut from the side of the border. That is, if they were terrorists, they would have penetrated from this side.”

“We were simply abandoned. I was told in the army that they simply do not look at us, because they are only interested in the border. Everyone is shocked to a level that cannot be explained. There are children who are afraid to go outside, and this feeling only intensifies. There is one big confusion here. This is the crossing of the red line – the settlement on the border is left to fend for itself".

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