They were afraid of liquidation: the top of the “Lion's Den” surrendered to the Palestinian authorities

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 Liquidation was feared: the top of the

Four members of the Lion's Den terrorist organization, including Mahmoud al-Bana, one of the group's top commanders, surrendered to Palestinian security forces in Nablus on Wednesday evening.

Palestinian media reported that the organization had asked the Palestinian security forces to protect al-Bana.

According to reports on Arab networks, al-Bana was wounded during a raid by Israeli security forces on Tuesday in Nablus. The PA is preparing to transfer him to Jericho Prison.

PA security officials say they have arrested 11 gunmen in recent days, including members of the Palestinian security forces, who were in contact with the Lion's Den. According to members of the Palestinian security apparatus, if the “Israeli raids” stop, there will be a chance for the implementation of the proposal presented by the Palestinian Authority to the militants: to hand over their weapons and remain in the Palestinian Authority (a kind of protective detention) for several months until their status in the Shin Bet is resolved.

Recently while the terrorist organization was hit hard, three members of the Lion's Den were arrested on Tuesday evening; – Muhammad al-Nabulsi, brother of Ibrahim al-Nabulsi, who was killed in Nablus. He was wanted on suspicion of involvement in the shooting attack on Huwara, and another wanted terrorist associated with the group, who was found in possession of weapons.

During the raid, soldiers from IDF commando units as well as Shin Bet agents searched buildings in Nablus to arrest members of the group who are suspected of “participating in terrorist activities,” the IDF said in a statement.

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