They pulled out their nails: the citizens of Sri Lanka spent four months in captivity from the Russians

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 Nails pulled out: Citizens of Sri Lanka spent four months in Russian captivity

Another crime of the Russian army has been recorded in the Kharkiv region. This was reported by the press service of the General Prosecutor's Office.

According to the investigation, the citizens of Sri Lanka, before the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation into the territory of Ukraine, studied at the medical college in Kupyansk. They lived in the city with their relatives. Fleeing from the occupation, in March 2022, seven Sri Lankan citizens went to Kharkov on foot, but they were detained by the Russian military on the way.

The Russians took the foreigners to the aggregate plant in Volchansk, placed them in cells and held them within 4 months. All this time, the Russian military bullied people: they pulled out their nails, subjected them to physical and psychological violence.

The prosecutor's office and the police found the foreigners on September 12, provided them with housing and food. on criminal proceedings on the fact of violation of the laws and customs of war (part 1 of article 438 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).

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