They poured boiling water over it: the star of the “Birthday of the Bourgeois” was sent to a mental hospital

 Boiling water was poured over: the star of "bourgeois birthday" was sent to a mental hospital

The famous Russian actor Valery Nikolaev was sent to a psychiatric clinic.

Super ru reports.

It happened after the “Golden Eagle” awards the artist started a scandal because he was not allowed in.

First, Nikolaev was arrested for drunk driving. According to REN TV, in the pre-trial detention center he quarreled with a cellmate who poured half a liter of boiling water on his face.

severe burns. As a result, 40% of the actor's skin was burned all over his body: hands, face and chest.

Now Nikolaev is demanding 20 million rubles in compensation. He believes that 10 million will go to him for skin transplantation.

Valery Nikolaev is known for his role in the TV series Bourgeois's Birthday. He also played in such films as The Witch, Streets of Broken Lights. Cops-7″, “Balzac age, or All men are their…” and in other feeds.

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