They exist? New findings of scientists about the yeti

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 Do they exist? New scientists' findings about the yeti

Yetis don't exist, and what many thought were these mysterious creatures was just a brown bear. Madhu Chetri, a researcher from the Nepalese National Conservation Fund, came to this conclusion, according to LADBible. Residents of different villages repeatedly told him that they met yeti in the forests of Nepal, and showed paw prints as evidence. After conducting research, Chetri came to the conclusion that we are talking about a Tibetan brown bear. The scientist thinks so, because the traces of this animal are similar to those that were shown to him. There are also versions that footprints may be associated with Himalayan marmots, which are a favorite delicacy of brown bears. The scientist's version of the bears was supported by pictures that he took with the help of camera traps in 2007. They recorded a small population of brown Tibetan bears in different places in Nepal.

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