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After almost twenty years, he returns to the scene. We are talking about the Russian pop duo tATu, which featured the redhead Lena Katina (37) and the rebel Julia Volkova (36). At present, however, they are somewhere completely different from when they entered the music scene in 2002 as lesbian schoolgirls with the song All The Things She Said. According to the Daily Mail website, they are again planning a comeback for 2022.

After many years, he will join forces again redhead Lena Katina a Julia Volkova, which became famous for its “boy” style. Russian singing duo tATu was founded in 1999, when the girls were fourteen.

Probably their best known and most controversial song is “All The Things She Said”, which was released in 2002. In the music video for the song, then sixteen-year-old Julia and seventeen-year-old Lena are kissing in school uniforms. They also owed their success to that they played a lesbian duo, and later it turned out to be just a great marketing move. Their paths officially parted in 2014, when they stopped performing.

Return to the podium and change beyond recognition

According to current information, now adult women have decided to reunite for the coming year, when they want to perform again as TATU, as he wrote British Daily Mail. At the same time, the singers challenged their fans to advise them on who should join them on stage. The concert will take place in the spring.

The girls have become unrecognizable since their most famous song was released in 2002. While the redhead Lena Katina became beautiful and only emphasizes her beauty with her make-up, Julia Volkova took it nicely from the floor. She loved plastic surgery and is currently unrecognizable from that little girl with short hair, thin eyebrows and lips and tattoos on her back.


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