“They can amputate in pieces”: how Kostomarov is saved

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Russian figure skater Roman Kostomarov is in critical condition, doctors are practically pulling him out of the other world, says physician Irina Yartseva. She explained that even after the amputation of the feet or fingers, there is still a possibility of progression of necrosis.
“Piece by piece, he can be amputated one limb after another, climb higher in the tissues, and no one can tell when it will stop and whether it will stop,” —Yartseva told the Vechernyaya Moskva newspaper.

The therapist believes that it makes no sense to make predictions about the skater's condition yet. No one can say why a healthy athlete began to develop pneumonia and develop so quickly, provoking such consequences.

“This is a very difficult patient. More chances he won't make it. And if he succeeds, he will be physically and psychologically exhausted. For him to survive, a miracle must happen, —emphasized the physician.

According to her, gangrene of the extremities means that the skater suffers from small vessels, which creates additional difficulties for treatment.

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