These sweets can be eaten, even those who lose weight

It turns out that some sweets in the diet are resolved.

These sweets will help to survive the lack of the usual sweet diet, because they allowed, even on a strict diet as they are detrimental to the figures, the combination of sugar and fat.

Preferably, if these products you use in the morning and very metered, and not in the same quantities.


Marshmallow contains relatively few calories and are permitted even in the diet of young children. 100 grams of marshmallows have 300 calories. One candy a day is a small obstacle to your nutrition, moreover, it is rich in iron and phosphorus.


If the marmalade is made from natural raw materials, it can also be consumed in the diet. Yes, marmalade has a lot of sugar and its packaging is not necessary. But it contains a lot of pectin necessary for the body to eliminate toxins and lower cholesterol.

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Sorbet fruit

If there is fruit just so tired, you can prepare a wonderful sorbet. Should kill the pulp of fruit in any combination in a blender, add honey and a little frozen. A lot of vitamins and low sugar – great dessert!

Bitter chocolate

A few squares of natural black chocolate with a high cocoa content will not only satisfy your sugar cravings, but also increase efficiency. This chocolate contains little sugar, so it should be used. Chocolate contains the body needs antioxidants, it boosts the mood and strengthens the walls of blood vessels.

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Ice cream

If you choose ice cream with no fillers, no substitutes, milk fat, nonfat milk, this dessert is also possible to eat on a diet. Milk – source of calcium and protein. And if you make ice cream yourself, you can replace sugar with berries and useful vitamin to treat.


The high calorie dessert is allowed with a proper diet, but halva and do not eat very much. Besides halva – a very useful product, which is prepared on the basis of ground sunflower seeds and sesame seeds, with nuts and honey.


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