These simple ways will help you to protect yourself from mosquito bites

Эти простые способы помогут уберечься от укусов комаров

The list includes five tips for combating these insects.

Summer delights us not only with the warm weather, the anticipation of the imminent holiday, with picnics, but also gives a little pleasurable moments associated with annoying squeak and mosquito bites, according to the with reference to the news of Yu.

These insects do not give to relax. Besides, often the bites are accompanied by redness of the skin, itching and scratching. Remember that mosquitoes are carriers of dangerous diseases: malaria, yellow fever, meningitis, encephalitis, and others. According to statistics, malaria annually affects about 200 000 000 people. How to protect yourself mosquito bites experts tell.

1. Repellents

There is not a small amount of creams, sprays, ointments that repel these insects. When you purchase should note that some funds are put only on clothes, others on the body. Strictly observe the recommendations for their use.

2. Aroma oils

In national practice widely adopted the use of vanilla and baby cream. This “ointment” safe for children and can be applied several times a day. As mosquitoes do not like the smell of rosemary, eucalyptus, Basil and other herbs that have a strong scent.

3. Eating onions and garlic

The man, sweating, releases the smell of carbon dioxide and lactic acid. This aroma attracts mosquitoes. Experts have determined that eating onions and garlic, changes the composition of human sweat. Thus it is possible to obtain a double effect: to eat tasty and healthy, and to deter mosquitoes.

4. Plants

Some types of flowers possess a specific odor that mosquitoes don’t like. These include: geranium, Basil, mint, lemongrass.

5. Ringtones

Experts from America revealed the influence of dubstep on the mosquitoes. Although these insects are deprived of hearing, random sounds when listening to such music knocks down mosquitoes: they have disrupted the reception of signals from animals and humans, where they could eat.

If still you are bitten by a mosquito

1. Do not scrub! You risk to put in the formed wound infection. Besides vacated when mosquito bites histamine, will only increase the allergic reaction.

2. Water and soap will help remove the residue of the saliva of the mosquito, and thus reduce the itching.

3. Alcohol-based tincture will help to reduce the itching, at the same time and conduct disinfection.

4. Diluted in water the aspirin will help to relieve the pain and swelling at the bite site.

The causes and ways to prevent varicose veins

If swelling after mosquito bites or any other insect became very tight, hot and painful to the touch, should take an antihistamine and immediately consult a doctor.

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