These simple tips will help to preserve a healthy spine

Эти несложные советы помогут сберечь здоровый позвоночник

Perform daily set of exercises that develop flexibility of the spine.

The age of a person is determined by the health and flexibility of his spine. That’s why it’s not about how old you are and in what condition your back, writes the with reference to the Telegraph.

Major back problems do not arise due to injuries and a genetic predisposition. Their dictates life itself.

Firstly, because. As a result of evolution we began to walk on two legs , not on all fours like our ancient ancestors, and the constant vertical loads lead to deformation of the vertebral bodies.

Second, approximately 20 years in the spine starts slow but irreversible process = it gives a natural shrinkage.

Third, we often mindlessly and carelessly treat your own back, which leads to irreparable consequences.

Spine, left without movement, is aging rapidly. First of all, because in the bone tissue decreases the amount of calcium and it becomes more “fragile.”

It also reduces the elasticity of the ligaments of the intervertebral joints, and the spine becomes “wooden”. All this naturally limits his ability to work, and at the same time increases the risk of injury.

The lack of physical load on the spine leads to “half-starved” existence of intervertebral disc and cartilage blood flow, and hence the power decreases, thereby accelerating the process of deformation.

But that’s not all.

In the absence of permanent traffic slows down the natural process of self-renewal of bone tissue, which continuously occur in the vertebrae, and increases the number of old cells. That’s why the best thing you can do for the health of your spine is to do fitness!

5 conditions for a healthy spine

Let regular a moderate load to the muscles of the back, chest, upper body, abdomen and back of the thighs.

Before proceeding to a careful study of the back, warm up your muscles on the treadmill or take a hot shower, sit in the sauna, walk a few minutes in a wool sweater.

Be sure to gently pull all the muscles in the beginning and at the end of the workout.

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Do stretching exercises and relaxation after each stage of the power load on the muscles of the upper back and shoulder girdle.

Perform daily set of exercises that develop flexibility of the spine.

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