These rules HLS has lost its relevance

Эти правила ЗОЖ уже потеряли свою актуальность

Good news for the sweet tooth.

Scientific research in recent years suggests that these rules are outdated and do not require mandatory compliance, reports the with reference to the news of Yu.

The first rule: mandatory hearty Breakfast. Breakfast useful, but in reality the physiological body’s need for Breakfast are different. Scientists say that the need for Breakfast is determined by the individual biorhythms of the person. If hunger is awakened only a few hours after rising from bed, hearty Breakfast the man with such feature is not necessary – enough to eat something light. The researchers note that an extensive Breakfast is relevant only in the case when the person experiences during the day of serious exercise. According to the data obtained by scientists of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong), in the morning hours due to low glucose is the maximum accumulation of body fat, and rich in nutrients Breakfast only reinforce this process of the growth of fat tissue.

The second rule is to exclude from the diet of sweets. According to endocrinologist and nutritionist Catherine Alexandrova, if you have no weight problems, no carbohydrate metabolism disorders, moderate amount of sweetness does not hurt. And even in the presence of excess weight or diabetes, says dietitian, you can not give up sweets completely, though, and prefer the better natural sweeteners. Sweets is the source of glucose which the brain needs for normal functioning. In addition, they play the role of antidepressants. Much more effective than a diet devoid of fast carbs to maintain health is a balanced diet with enough protein, fiber and healthy fats, which is a sweet present as a nice addition.

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Rule three: drink 2 liters of water a day. In fact, experts say, the need for additional fluid intake for each individual. Daily rate of fluid is calculated by the formula: 30 ml of fluid for every kilogram of weight. Moreover, the calculation need to lead, based not on the actual weight and normal during the growth of the human BMI (body mass index). That is, people who are overweight do not need to drink more water. Most experts today agree that in healthy people the body effectively regulate water demand, and a signal of the need to drink water is thirst. The need for fluid intake depends on many factors: age, weight, degree of activity, air temperature.

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