These products must be included in the winter diet

Ці продукти обов'язково треба включити у зимовий раціон

Winter diet
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Dieticians and experts on nutrition told what foods are good to eat in winter.

In the winter our body feels the need to change. Differently start to work metabolism and metabolism, there is a change in the amount of energy.

In the cold season it is difficult to find fresh vegetables, but carrots, beets and squash stand the cold, so they should add to your diet. In addition, it is useful to have Breakfast in the morning closenow oatmeal. Useful in winter are broccoli and cauliflower. After all, it is a good source of vitamin C. And honey: it helps to fight infections, which is many times more in the cold season.

Experts also noted that it is necessary to eat soup or vegetable broth. And in General, to choose those foods and dishes which will help to keep warm.

Ці продукти обов'язково треба включити у зимовий раціон

What’s good to eat in winter

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