These products help to cope with a headache

Sometimes eating foods helps to cope with a headache without resorting to drugs. A number of news outlets reported on those products, which have the property to reduce unpleasant headache, writes the with reference on healthinfo.

Milk. In case of headache, experts advise to drink a glass of not-too-fat milk. The use of milk allows you to reduce the pain due to the high concentration of potassium and calcium in it. By the way, with women is a drop in the level of calcium in the blood is a common cause of headaches in women before the beginning of the “critical” days.

Oily fish. It contains many B vitamins and rich in omega-3. Their compound provides the analgesic effect.

Fruit. Often, headache is a signal of the body about the lower levels of some nutrients in the blood. Fruits, especially apples and lemons, help to reduce headache pain, as effectively restore the balance of the missing substances – glucose, minerals, vitamins.

Buckwheat, almonds, dried apricots, bananas, avocados, sunflower seeds. All these foods are rich in magnesium, which helps with the headaches that relaxes the blood vessels. This improves the blood circulation in the brain, his oxygen uptake which is quite enough for the relief of pain symptoms.

Called diet helps in combating depression

Black tea with sugar. When adding sugar to the brew aktiviziruyutsya selection of catechins – substances which have a pronounced analgesic effect. Many people from different improvised ways to relieve headaches helps this drink quite strong, sweet tea. Also, it is very effective in cases where the headache is caused by dehydration.

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