These products can spoil the mood

Эти продукты могут испортить настроение

What food blocks the endorphins.

The doctors called products, which can spoil the mood, reports the with reference to Hyser.

Some products are for people with neutral, others might worsen the emotional state.

Researchers from the United States built the list of products that can spoil the mood of the person. To him include:

Chips that contain harmful acid and the carcinogen acrylamide. These substances have on the body negative effects – they block the endorphin (the happiness hormone).

Ham, because it contains a lot of sugar, salt, fillers, preservatives and nitrates, which by themselves can cause a bad mood due to specific effects on the human nervous system.

Industrial margarine contains fatty acids omega-6. Moreover, a number of tests have shown that it can adversely affect mood.

The bagels early in the day, because the body fully wakes up much later than the brain and digestive system need more time to digest all this abundance of carbohydrates. Because of this disrupted the production of essential body hormones.

Garlic salt contains monosodium glutamate, and a huge number of supplements of unknown origin, who had penetrated into it during processing.

The doctors called a recipe for a perfect Breakfast

Sweet soft drinks due to the large amount of sugar can harm the body, and therefore change your mood for the worse.Sweet soft drinks are traditionally considered to be one of potentially likely factors in the development of depression.

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