These products can cause tooth decay

Эти продукты могут вызвать кариес

10 foods that cause cavities

2 Jun 2019

From food depends very much in our lives. The products are very effect on the human body, including impact on the health of the teeth. There are a number of dishes that can destroy the enamel, cause tooth decay, Tartar, writes the with reference on healthinfo.


Sweets are one of the first enemies of the teeth. Once in the mouth, they become an excellent food for bacteria. The microorganisms produce for their digestion, acids that remove minerals from tooth enamel and it demineralized. So destroyed external shiny protective layer of the teeth. Only saliva can reduce the harmful effects of bacteria. Don’t damage sour candy can also cause tooth decay. Acid can destroy the enamel, and the sticky texture is able to attach sweetness to your teeth.


In the composition of the bread is starch. After cleavage, it is converted into sugar. Bread when chewed turns into a slurry that sticks to your teeth and turns in all slots. It is able to hold the food that will become a breeding place for germs. Better in such cases to not choose white bread, and whole grains. Because the process breakdown into sugar much slower in this case.


Alcohol dried the mouth and affect the teeth. Due to their impact decreases the amount of saliva. This leads to the fact that it is removing food debris, harmful bacteria and replenishing minerals in tooth enamel and prevents damage. This, in turn, leads to the formation of caries and other dental problems. In addition, alcohol can affect the color of teeth, pigmentary them.

Energy drinks

Energy drinks are very high level of acidity, which leads to the destruction of tooth enamel. Teeth become vulnerable to harmful bacteria that inhabit the oral cavity. And saliva is not able to resist microorganisms.


Another harmful for teeth product — coffee. He is able to stain teeth and acidic environment cream and sugar causing bacterial growth and destroys tooth enamel.


These drinks are harmful because they are composed of a sugar. It provokes increased acidity in the mouth, destroying tooth enamel. They can contribute to the formation of dark spots on the teeth. Soda also affects the dentin layer of the tooth located under the enamel. If it is damaged may result in the destruction of the tooth or tooth decay.


Dentists say that solid food can have a negative impact on the teeth. So, chewing ice can cause mechanical damage to the enamel and gums. For example, there can be chips, cracks, loosening of crowns and fillings.


These products contain acid, which “disarms” the enamel and makes the tooth more susceptible to harmful bacteria. Even with a small amount of lemon juice you can produce tooth decay and other disorders of the teeth. To reduce the harmful effects of citrus products on the teeth should rinse your mouth with water after eating them.


Chips are also harmful to teeth. In a divided state, this product turns into a slurry that fills the voids in the mouth. And starch in the composition of the chips, allocates sugar, which leads to trouble. Best of all, of course, do not have this product at all. But if this had to happen, you should use dental floss to get rid of the remnants of that food.

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Dried fruit

This sticky, viscous and sweet food is not the best choice for teeth. When hit they fill all cracks and crevices in the teeth, causing cavities. Only if you clear the oral cavity with rinsing water or dental floss can save the situation.

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